Wood Pieces Cut to Shape

It is immensely satisfying to transform memorabilia into a custom heirloom for a client. 

Preserving personal and family history in a beautiful archival presentation

is a design and build challenge unique to each project. 

What a precious and ever memorable gift to give someone special.

​Andean Woven Tapestry

 Our talented stitchery wizards spend hours creating detailed masterpieces in thread and fabric. It is important to us that this fine work is properly handled and beautifully complemented, to treat them as the heirlooms they are.

​​​    We collaborated with a client who wished to give a friend a chicken themed shadowbox using

a 1927 National Geographic magazine.

    A collage of text comprised the field above which the symmetrically arranged images were floated

to add depth and interest. Attention to design and detail coming together to create

a one of a kind piece of art. 

Design Sketch
Staining in action
Placing final pieces
Readying pieces for attachment

You found the perfect pattern. You picked the perfect colors. We have the perfect frame for your needleart! 

Gesso & Stained ready for Paint
Painting the base colors on the shapes
Final product hung in customer home

There are times when a frame shop isn't just a frame shop.  A customer came to us

looking for a special way to mount a handwoven tapestry from Peru over her fireplace.

Taking inspiration from this beautiful piece, rich with symbolism and saturated with color,

we designed a hand cut/stained/painted wood hanger. 

Her reaction was "WOW, a stunning showstopper!" 

Thank you to our customers who inspire us to be creative craftsmen,

elevating what could be ordinary to art.

Fun With Fiber

Fowl Play

New from the Frame Table

Kerr View Farm Shadowbox